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Human Rights: A Lie We Are All Living

Onyii Chima (Ronica)

March 29, 2007


I remember now like it was just yesterday when I first had my formal knowledge of my rights as a human being. Back then I thought it was wonderful. Well, who wouldn't think so especially at age 7? I was just beginning to live out my life and heard  my teacher say that as a human I had a right to live, to good medical care, of expression, to fair hearing, to make choices, a right to religion, etc. It all made me feel good about myself.

There was something my teacher said that even struck more in me, he said ” Your rights end where the other person's rights begins”. I didn't understand what it meant then but now I do.

Not only do I understand the above saying, I also understand how much of a lie this whole human rights thing is. These rights seldom hold.  

The rights of the masses are constantly being infringed upon by the Governments and all those meant to uphold it. Everyday, our right to make choices is constantly influenced by the subliminal adverts we see around. The advertisers consciously manipulating our subconsciousness thereby influencing our decisions & choices. In our society, the poor masses are denied right to expression and fair hearing. Good medical care is almost out of the reach of even average income earners. While Governments tend to invest less in healthcare delivery, private practitioners are providing the services at exorbitant prices to maximize profits.

The most infringed right today is the right to live. There is an increased disregard for people's lives, thus breaking the most important rule:  "…a person's right ending where the other person's right begins”. I’m talking about armed robbery, assassinations, governments promoting wars that kill thousands of innocent civilians. It is all BAD!

Folks, it is obvious these ‘human rights’ treaties scarcely hold even in our law courts so why do we still talk about them with pride? It is time; we stand for what we believe. I believe that being human is wonderful though our human rights highly infringed, can be upheld and the DIGNITY of human beings all around the world RESTORED.

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Onyii Chima (Ronica)

February 15, 2007

February 14,St Valentine's Day but more known now as 'Lover's Day'. One day of the year when you get to really show your loved ones how much you care. For a lot of us, it is not always possible to be there in person but phone calls and messages sent across the distance could do just as much.

February 14,2007 was quite a day for me. Lectures started very early and ran through to late in the evening, I had to send my messages to my loved ones as soon as I got out of bed before the events of the day took over. I sent out gifts and received as well but I was unable to visit the motherless babies home as much as I would have loved to. Only got to hang out with my friends late in the evening. Well, that was how I spent my Valentine's Day,2007. However, that was not how the day went for a lot of youths around me. for some it was a day of wild parties, drinking, doping and lots of sex, and the true essence of the day defeated.

St Valentine's Day is a religious catholic celebration of love; St Valentine being a saint that showed exemplary qualities of love. Though presently a social celebration of love, it should not be celebrated in such reckless manner.
Love is an essential part of our lives. Everyone needs someone to love them and someone to show love. It is nice when you have parents, siblings & friends who love you but it is even more wonderful when there is that one person who makes your heart throb. Cupid's arrow is still flying, you could be its next victim.

Dear friends, let's try to preserve the religious and romantic essence of the next Valentine's Day. Chocolates, Roses and Love from ME.


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New Year Resolutions

Onyii Chima (Ronica)

February 09, 2007

Happy New Year, friends. I know it is long past new year, to be precise we are now in the month of February,2007 but this is my first article this year so I'm quite on track. I bet we all feel good writing 2007 on our documents? I personally feel good.

This time of the year is a time we get to examine our past lives, our attained and unattained goals, our friends (good and bad ones), and decide which ones follow us through the next 286 days of the year.

I'm talking about making New Year Resolutions. Some people don't think it is necessary. However, I think it is. I'm not saying you should announce your resolutions to everyone, NO!, It is a personal conviction in your heart -
things you did wrongly and would like to stop on one hand, and good things you think you should do on the other. Yeah, I know sometimes we get to break resolutions as soon as we make them. However, that should not deter us, if we are sincere then we should keep on striving to keep our resolutions. If we make 10 new resolutions and end up keeping only 6 it is okay!. We are all humans and fallible.

New Year Resolutions are like our master plan for the year. Who can build without a plan? If you don't have a plan to make your new year productive, you might as well be having an unproductive year.

I have made my own resolutions. Hmmh, I'm definitely not going to tell you. .All I can say is that I will be experimenting on new grounds, making more productive friends and dropping unproductive acquaintances.

Friends, if you have not made a new year resolution, you can still do so. Well, if you have made your own resolutions and you are finding them difficult to keep, be STRONG & DETERMINED. Remember, you are not alone. Someone else somewhere else probably is having same problem.


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