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Former President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida was accused of siphoning billions of dollars from an oil windfall while in office.

Former Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha stashed away billions of dollars into private accounts while in office  
Former Head of State, Gen Abdusalami Abubakar was accused of depleting Nigeria's foreign reserve few months to his handover.  
Former President Obasanjo's opponents point accusing fingers at him over financial wrong-doing in the oil sector.  
Former Vice President Atiku is accused by EFCC of corruption  
Mr. Joshua Dariye, former Governor of Plateu State was caught with millions of dollars of state funds in Britain. He jumped bail.  
Mr. Orji Uzor Kalu, former Governor of Abia State is accused by EFCC of running a business empire, including banks, and airlines,  with state funds  
Mr. Alamieyeseigha, former Governor of Bayelsa State was caught with millions of dollars of state funds in Britain. He was later convicted in Nigeria.  
Mr. Nnamani, former Governor of Enugu State, is accused by EFCC of running a business empire, including real estates, with state funds.  
Mr. Peter Odili, former Governor of Rivers State is accused by EFCCof running a business empire, including oil companies, and owning a private helicopter, with state funds.  
Mr. Turaki, former Governor of Jigawa State is accused by EFCC of stealing millions of dollars of state funds.
Mr. James Ibori, former Governor of Delta State, is accused by EFCC of stealing millions of dollars, and buying a private jet with  state funds.
Rev. Jolly Nyame, former Governor of Taraba State, is accused by EFCC of stealing millions of dollars of  state funds.  
Lucky Igbinedion, former Governor of Edo State, is accused by EFCC of contract scams  
Accusers point at Mr. Tony Anenih, former minister of transport, for not using funds meant for road repairs well.  
Former Police boss, Mr. Tafa Balogun, was convicted of stealing millions of dollars meant for the police.  
Millions of Naira was discovered in the office of former Police boss, Mr. Mike Ehindero .  



Munachi Abii Representing Imo State is Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, (MBGN)  2007


Imo Online Is A Grantee Of United States Embassy, Abuja
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In this special edition, we are highlighting the effects of corruption on the ordinary people in Nigeria. With the help of readers who forwarded these pictures to us, we are putting faces behind the effects of corruption on daily lives in Nigeria. Pictures don't lie. See things for yourself. Maybe after today you may no longer cheer corrupt politicians.



A poverty-stricken, homeless Nigerian family. Yet Nigeria spent millions of dollars on poverty alleviation programs.

  A Nigerian mother begs for food with her kids on an abandoned railroad. Nigerian Railway collapsed due to lack of funding.


A typical Nigerian road during rainy season, despite millions of dollars earmarked for road-maintenance. Most of the roads are simply death-traps.  

A typical Nigerian street during dry reason. Local streets are the responsibilities of the state and Local Government Authorities, described as the most corrupt tiers of governments in Nigeria



These girls were arrested for prostitution in Lagos. With no job opportunities for university graduates in Nigeria (thanks to corruption), young woman and mothers resort to anything to survive. Who arrests politicians for looting public funds?  

'Okada', Nigeria's  easiest employment for young graduates. However, some politicians buy private jets with state funds.

A Nigerian girl working as a prostitute in Italy. With little opportunities for youths in Nigeria, the temptation to travel abroad for prostitution is real.


There is no clean drinking water in most Nigerian cities. People drink from private wells, polluted streams and dirty ponds like this one.  

A mother and child begging for alms in a Nigeria street are simply tired. While some politicians stash Nigeria's funds in foreign countries, other Nigerians starve to death.



Nigerians vote in elections, but elections are always rigged for the richest, and hardly free and fair. So what's the use for the huge millions of dollars spent on elections? Young men hawking gasoline. Nigeria is the 5th largest producer of oil in the world but fuel is always scarce in the country. For some time the President doubled as the Minister of petroleum.


Take a swim in any stream in the Niger-Delta you will look like this due to oil pollution. State Governors are given millions of dollars called 'ecological funds', but the money ends up in the private accounts of the Governors.   Oil spill polluted this fishing river in the Niger-delta. Thanks to multi-billion, multinational oil companies in Nigeria, the region is an ecological disaster. This region produces about 2 million barrels of oil a day but hardly any basic facilities to show.


Young men from the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria are taking laws into their hands, after several failed promises by various corrupt government officials. But the legitimate struggle is marred by illegal kidnappings and extortion.   Nigerian soldiers armed to the teeth on their way to quell a civil protest the Nigerian way. Nigeria's police is poorly trained, ill-equipped, due to corruption amongst their high command. They're often no match to criminals.

Yes! There's no fuel in Nigeria. Do you have problems with that? The president is the minister of petroleum.   This is a restaurant, popularly called 'Mama-put' in Nigeria. When you raise a child in this type of environment, what do you expect?

World Bank gave Nigeria millions of dollars for poverty alleviation and job creation programs. Here're the type of jobs the program created. In contrast, children of corrupt politicians live and study abroad.


Dead bodies litter this street where a fuel tanker exploded. Poverty forces people to take even unimaginable risks, as scooping gasoline at accident scenes.   Civil protests against corrupt government officials are common in Nigeria. Usually, it's suppressed using armed soldiers. Therefore, nobody dare questions a sitting politician.
Take it or leave it! The sign reads 'Fredson International School'.  Nigeria's education sector is in shambles due to poor funding. What about the millions of World Bank dollars spent on the Education sector?   Students cover their noses while walking by a stinking street. Refuse is often not removed for several weeks, yet municipal governments earmark hundreds of thousands dollars for that. Corruption really stinks!

A young Nigerian mother with her new-born in a hospital's maternity ward. If she married a politician, she probably would be in an air-conditioned private room in a US or UK-based hospital. Life's not fair indeed!   Due to poor town planning, and lack of drainage systems, most cities in Nigeria are always flooded during raining season. Multiple contracts are often awarded to fix the problem, but the money goes down the drainage pipes.


The newly elected Nigerian President, Umaru Yar'Adua here celebrates victory. Nigerians were not particularly happy over allegations that he reached agreement with corrupt former Governors to evade arraignment in the court.   Nigerian officials are often caught at international airports around the word with millions of dollars stashed in brief cases. They also use their relatives, friends, foreign partners, and mistresses to launder money abroad.












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