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I had the opportunity of shopping last week at the local market, fatigued after all the shoving, pushing and endlessly being hit by wheel-barrows operated by local area boys which caused more of public nuisance than aiding transfer of load, I thankfully found myself in front of the market.

A scene caught my eyes but it had a deeper meaning than usual- local drug peddlers at different corners advertised their wares with loud-screaming speakers, they all claimed to possess medicines which instantly cured staphylococcus, syphilis, painful menstruation, low sperm count and even AIDS. This brings me to the questions- Why do people refuse to seek professional help for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases which pose great threat on the long run? Why do people expose themselves to sexually transmitted diseases?

In 1996, The World Health Organization (WHO), estimated that more than one million people were infected daily with all sorts of sexually transmitted infections with about sixty percent of these infections occurring in people under twenty-five years (TERRIBLE!!).

Symptoms of STDs may range from itchy private parts, blisters, painful urination, repulsive discharge e.t.c, it may also in some cases show no symptoms at all- examples are the cases of some women infected with Chlamydia or gonorrhea which if untreated may lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). On the long run if sexually transmitted diseases are not treated, they may lead to infertility and other health complications.
This is a serious issue which sexually-active young people need to think about A visit to the doctor for a check-up is important and of course having multiple sexual partners should be a “no-go” area.

To cap it all and in my own opinion, I wouldn’t advise any one to patronize the likes of the drug peddlers I saw last week.





Godwin C. Nwaogwugwu

 A Syndicated Nigerian

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  Women through many years have been perceived and viewed in different lights; some have perceived women as baby factories, dish washers, sex toys, home keepers etc.

In the days when 'treetops were land to squirrels and the earth was still home to our ancestors', the birth of a male child was celebrated with pump and pageantry. As the western missionaries slowly integrated into the African society- the male child was sent off to school to gather knowledge while his sister was to sit at home till her husband of her father's choice surfaced. As the years progressed to this modern age, it dawned on the world that not only are women vital in their homes but also in the society as a whole. Need I chant the old phrase which has turned to a ballad of some sort, that what a man can do a woman can do even better.

It is said that a man is most active in the days of his youth. So equally, young women are capable of striving towards their goals and aspirations, thinking up new wave-making ideas and solidly creating changes. Nevertheless, my heart fails me when I go out at night and see young girls by the 'red light zones'. It equally melts and turn to jelly when I watch music videos, the latest of which showcase near-to-nude girls dancing in every provocative manner. The question I never cease to ask myself is whether fashion is solely made for women and not men and whether modesty has taken its final curtain call. Young women are putting themselves in situations to be exploited and men are going ahead and exploiting that (situations and scenarios are endless)- down from the randy lecturer to corporate prostitution.

Every young lady is specially made with beauty and brains. Young women should think brightly and act smartly. It is only by the effort you make today and the right channeling of your ideas and capabilities that you can achieve greatness tomorrow. it is not by the number of men who have called you “sexy’, or seen the different colour hues of your panties. 

Every young woman should stand up for what is good and every youth should think Brains not breasts in order to stay positive and focused


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