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 Are you proud of your home town? A lot of people are not proud of their home town because of some reasons best known to them like saying what has the town really done for me not to talk of Nigeria. We all have to start putting ideas together as youths to know how we can help our communities and our home town if not now but in the future. I am proud of my home town regardless of what people think of it. Here is a little biography of my beloved home town Nnewi. 

Nnewi is the second largest city in Anambra state (HOME FOR ALL) in southeastern Nigeria (in the region formerly known as Republic of Biafra). Nnewi comprises of four autonomous villages namely Otolo, Uruagu, Umudim, and Nnewi-ichi. It is made up of about 3 million inhabitants 

Nnewi city hosts a prestigious center of excellence in medicine, the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH). Nnewi is probably the most industrialized city in Africa. Its industries include palm oil, cosmetics, motor and motorcycle spare parts, books and stationeries, textiles, weaving, and other industries. It is also the home of largest motorcycle spare parts market in Africa. No wonder it is nicknamed “JAPAN OF AFRICA” since virtually all motor and motorcycle parts of all brands can be repaired or reconstructed in the city. Other markets include Nkwo Nnewi and Nwafor market.

Nnewi is rich in human resources as well, with successful entrepreneurs, educators, engineers, industries, medical doctors, traders to mention a few. Nnewi people can be found in every part of Africa and beyond. As business people, they found and nurture small scale business into cooperate investments. Most business, commercial, and residential buildings throughout Nigeria and Africa are owned by Igbo people with Nnewi people as a significant driving force.

Nnewi is the ancestral home of some prominent Nigerians like Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu known as “Ikemba Nnewi”, former  President of defunct Republic of Biafra, Chief Nwafor Orizu, former nationalist and first Republic Senate President, Chief M.C.K Ajuluchukwu, nationalist, anti-colonial fighter and first Republic law-maker, and Chief Augustine Illodibe, CEO of Ekene Dili Chukwu industries to mention but a few.





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Modern Relationship Mimics Globalization - Few Winners, Many Losers

Nneamaka Madumelu

March 25, 2006

Have you ever for once thought about why people enter into a relationships, even as young as 13 or 14 years of age in this day and age? Could it be that the era of globalization that is making the world a global village plays a major role? Well, my insight will be drawn from my own experience as someone who lives abroad and from a female perspective. Some key words “Relationship” and “Globalization” will be defined.

Relationship, according to the dictionary, is defined as a romantic or sexual involvement. In this case; it can be between the opposite sex or of the same sex. Globalization, on the other hand, is defined as the intensification of people and goods from one place to the other.

There are so many reasons why people enter into relationships but in most cases it is for personal reasons. We now live in a global world, where technology and the internet have facilitated communication between one part of the world and another. Events, say in the North (western world/developed countries) largely affect the rest of the world (South/developing countries). This is the effect of globalization. Relationships, also benefit from globalization. It used to be something that come of age; parents once expected their wards to, at least, bring their dates home for formal or informal introduction. Today, people can meet, date, and marry over the internet without the knowledge of their parents.

Quite a number of young people enter into relationships out of peer pressure. If their friends are dating, therefore they must date too for validation, or to fit into the circle of friendship.  This process can destroy young people who get influenced negatively especially by sexually activities. It can lead to unwanted pregnancy, STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), HIV and AIDS etc. I may be wrong, but I am yet to see such a relationship in recent times that is without sexual activities. I read in one of the Canadian newspapers that the practice of sex by youths especially those that are 14 years of age (grade 9…1st year high school students, equivalent of JSS3) have increased. In Canada, there are a lot of teenage mothers as young as 14.

Furthermore, it can be a necessity for many. A lot of young ladies in Toronto enter into a relationship for material reasons (so I concluded). For them, they need someone to buy their necessities for them. This can range from going shopping, weekend movies, paying for clubs, lunch and dinner and most importantly ( which I now come to assume to be their first criteria) a car. According to some (my friends), they would tell me “ you know Canada is a cold country so I need someone to be taking me to school and back etc” . The favorite saying in pidgin English is  “ you sabi think fine girl like me go stand for bus stop dey wait for the bus”.  For this reason, most young ladies want someone that is already made and financial stable. With all the VIP treatment toward the ladies, the men would want something in return, which  obviously is sex.

Some young women enter into a relationship for the above listed reasons and on the other hand, men get their own reward, which is sexual gratification. This is why I assumed that modern relationships have become too erotic. Even when a guy isn't requesting for sex from his date, most girls I know would assume he is getting it form somewhere else.

I see modern relationship going hand in hand with globalization. With the technologies and the flow of goods and services, one would argue that it is a positive thing leaving the negative part of it. I would argue it is a good thing for the developed economies because they are the super powers of the world controlling everything while the developing countries are on the receiving side. This also includes one-way flow of cultural influences that affect relationships. Therefore, the winner-loser relationship is an integral part of globalization. The cultures that influence relationships (movies, hip-hops, internet, materialism etc)  flow in one direction, as well as the benefits.

Therefore, I see relationship as part of Economic Globalization or purely Economics because there are winners (developed countries) and losers (developing countries) because the developing countries are fastly losing their culture to the more attractive western culture. In another scenario, the winners are men and the losers, women because women are on the receiving side.  I call men 'winners' because they can date as many women as they wish and end up marrying fresh girls. If the man lives abroad, he even gets the benefit of abandoning all his 'exploits' and going back home to marry what they refer as “ fresh and well brought up girl” . His abandoned dates abroad would have been used and dumped. Some may move on to another 'roving' guy or if she is getting older, heads back to Nigeria to find a man there.

Like its mother economic globalization, modern relationship flows just in one direction. The developing countries can dump their cheap goods in as many poor countries as they wish but only allow imports from few countries they choose with  mean trade restrictions. It's not a fair world I guess.

My question to  those men is “ Are the women you dated not a wife materials?”. I asked this question because I don’t understand why they can date a woman for 2-5 yrs and end up not marrying her rather they back to Nigeria or even in to another country to get married to someone much younger.

To my readers and the youths out there, RELATIONSHIP IS A GAME so knowing what you want is very important for your survival in this globalized world.

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