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The Name:

Nigeria was a former British colony. The name 'Nigeria' (meaning Niger Area) was first suggested by the girlfriend of Lord Fredrick Lugard, the former British Governor-general of the colony in 1914. Nigeria got its political independence from Britain on the October 1, 1960. It is the most populated black country in the world, as well as largest populated country in Africa (about 135 million). It has total land area of 923,768 sq. km. (356,668 sq. mi.) making it the 14th largest country in Africa in land mass. Its coastline, on the Gulf of Guinea, stretches 774 km (480 mi.). Nigeria is bordered by  Chad, Cameroon, Benin, Niger, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. Nigeria. Full History

Official Colors:

Nigeria's official colors are Green and White. It's flag represents the two colors with two solid green colors at each end and a solid white color in the middle.  Full History

The Motto:

The motto of Nigeria as shown in its coat-of-arms is "Unity and Faith, Faith, Peace And Progress"  Full History



Tribes and Languages:

Nigeria has three major tribes: The Hausas in the North, Yorubas, in the west, and the Igbos in the east. However, the country has many more minority tribes speaking well over 250 different languages. However, Nigeria's official language is English (Queen's English) Full History

Type Of Government:

Nigeria has 30 states with its capital at Abuja. It practices the federal system of with three tiers of government (the Federal, State, and Local Governments). At the federal level, the country has two legislative arms (the Senate, and the Federal House of Representatives), a central Judiciary, and the Executive arm made up of the President and the Ministers. Each state is headed by a State Governor, with a state house of assembly as the legislative arm. Each Local Government Area (LGA) is head by a Council Chairman.  Full History


Nigeria lies entirely within the tropics. It has two prominent reasons: It is either raining (rainy season) or it is dry (dry season).  Full History


The most popular sports in Nigeria is Soccer. The country has lifted Gold at several world soccer tournaments. The senior men's team is called the 'Supper Eagles''; the under-20 national team is called the 'Flying Eagles', while the under-17 national team is called the 'Golden Eaglets'. The national female soccer team is called the 'Super Falcons'. Other types of sports such as track and field, boxing, wrestling, tennis, basket ball, hand ball, swimming, etc are also prominent in Nigeria.  Full History




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African Bedtime Stories (1) By Godwin C. Nwaogwugwu

A collection of popular African stories and folk tales written in simple English language with picture illustrations to interest Children of all ages. The book is a family favorite designed to document and pass on the rich African heritage through the art of story-telling

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African Maiden Dances & Traditional Marriages

Most African traditions place a lot of importance on ladies' chastity, purity and abstinence before marriage. Most African maiden dances were used to keep young women's minds and body active before marriage. A maiden dance is also used to present a young maiden to her intended suitor...Read More


Ijele, The King Masquerade

Masquerades in most African traditions originated as local law enforcement agents. They protected traditions and shrines. Membership was shrouded in secrecy through initiations to protect the identity of the members who often were used to confront strong men who broke laws. In modern times masquerades are used mostly for entertainments. .Read More

Bedtime Stories
The Lion And The Wise Jackal

An African bedtime story about how a little wise Jackal reputed for his wits stood up a fiery hungry Lion and tricked the Lion to let him go alive. Moral: When you find yourself facing a problem, think about solutions and not about the problem. Read More

  Buba, The Ungrateful Ruler

Buba was a very corrupt ruler. His community helped him to become a ruler. He turned against them; used community wealth to marry several wives and enriched himself. Nemesis caught up with him when he fell off a dilapidated bridge he refused to repair..Read more.

The Wise Leopard

A wise Leopard went hunting with a hungry, greedy Lion. The Lion wanted to keep their kill to himself and looked for reasons to kill the Leopard. However, the wise Leopard lived up to his reputation, pulled a smart one on the Lion and escaped from him..Read More

  Why Turtle Has Cracked Shells

Once upon a time, Turtle went up to Leopard's house and bet with Mrs Leopard that he would ride on her husband's back like a horse. The turtle actually tricked Mr Leopard and rode on his back like a horse but paid a big price afterwards ..Read More

One God Different Prayers

Once upon a time, Fox prayed to God give him more chickens for his meals. Chicken also prayed to God to protect her family from Fox. God answered both prayers...Read More


  Why Cat Kills Mouse

Once upon a time, Cat and Rat were good friends who lived in the palace of the King until. The king made Cat the Storekeeper which made Rat Jealous. Rat plotted and betrayed his friend, Cat to have him deposed...Read More


Preventing Date Rape & Acquaintance Rape

Acquaintance rape is a form of sexual assault involving coercive sexual activities perpetrated by an acquaintance of the rape victim. Date rape occurs when a woman goes out with a guy and is raped in the process normally by her date. Read More

  How A Lazy Trickster Married A Princess

Once upon a time, a King offered his beautiful princess for marriage to whoever can make her happy. The Princess, due to her greed and materialism rejected eligible bachelors, however accepted to marry a lying Trickster who fooled her...Read More


Selecting The Sex Of Your Baby By Shettles Method: The Secrets They Didn't Disclose

“Between science and superstition is failure in every aspect of life.  It’s amazing from all evidences in life that God gave 'man' every power to subdue, dominate his environment and create the outcomes he desires. However, ignorance and laziness makes many people to remain needy even in an environment of abundance” – G C Nwaogwugwu (2008)

Disclaimer: Please this is not my original text, I am only summarizing a huge voluminous research book by Dr. Shettles and David Rorvik for my friends who may not have the time to read. Do not attack me based on your religious belief and bear in mind that many people may not share your believes either. Read More

Godwin C. Nwaogwugwu


Parable of The Torchlight - Friends Indeed!!

In the midst of a very thick darkness that beclouded hopes and instilled fear, a figure stood at a distance in a white robe holding a faint torch-light to help guide the paths of a trembled fellow. That figure was neither God, ghost nor an apparition. It's a living being who knew a torch-light will be needed at such a dark moment, brought it out, switched it on to show light that helped save a life. That's what friends are for. Where was your torch-light, when your friend lost his/her way?......Read More

Godwin C. Nwaogwugwu


The Misused Your Love, Abused Your Kindness, and Attacked Your Character

"....They misused your love, abused your kindness, manipulated you, tossed you around, told lies behind you to knock you down, conspired to make you look like a fool before the world, attacked your character and integrity to tarnish your image; but you cannot help but give glory to God because you came out on the other side triumphant and left them forever wondering what happened to their targeted arrows fired from their well-oiled gossip machine and arsenals. Yeah, it all fell on the shield, the stone you are under. ........Now you sing and dance the victory song while they are doomed forever.

.They have incurred the wrath of a mighty man of war, and He is charging at them with a fiery rage. They are scattered in confusion, fleeing in various directions. A trail of victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory and power follows your path all the way. I don't care what you are going through, until God says it's ain't over!!! Read More



  Photo credits

Godwin C. Nwaogwugwu

 A Syndicated Nigerian

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"..You can play gospel music all day and post scriptures on your doors. However, if you don't talk to your neighbors, don't move along with co-workers, always looking forward to hearing bad news about your perceived enemies rather than being happy with yourself, God needs no witnesses to sentence you..." -

 -G. C. Nwaogwugwu



 "A big hindrance to personal progress is prejudice. It's amazing what we have in common and how fast we connect with people when we sit around the same table to share food & drink, irrespective of our race, color, background, gender, and beliefs. The worst people on Earth are bigots who believe they are holier and better than others but contribute nothing except hatred. Never waste your time listening to such people."

- Godwin C. Nwaogwugwu







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