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This youth mentoring forum is sponsored by the ImoOnline project aimed at supporting the career, social, and  professional development of Nigerian youths. We have volunteer key resource persons to answer your questions. We currently cover the following areas Education & Career, Art & Entertainment, Love & Relationships, Business Development, Sexual Health, Woman-to-Woman. To preserve our relationship with these highly placed mentors, the editor reserves the right to forward to the mentor only comments and questions we deem appropriate. Please use this medium wisely to communicate and interact with these mentors.

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A Mentor is basically a qualified and experienced person who can either guide or provided answers to questions by young people on specific areas.

A Columnist is someone who can regularly contribute write-ups on a specific area of interest to young people

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To volunteer as a mentor or columnists send us an e-mail to Please specify your area of expertise, contact information (e-mail, phone, and mailing address), qualification, accomplishments, and areas of interest. People with experience working with youths, and teenagers are encouraged to volunteer.


Please use the form below to submit your question to a mentor. If you did not specify a mentor or columnist, the editor will use her discretion to forward to an appropriate mentor or columnist. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.



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