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New Topic

Should the punishment for official corruption in Nigeria be 'death sentence'?


Many Nigerian youths are getting fade up with the perpetuation of corruption by public office holders. In the past, Presidents, Governors, Local Government Chairmen, Ministers, etc have been accused of stealing millions of dollars belonging to the country. It is even sad that this is happening when the country lacks good roads, hospitals, regular power supply, good drinking water, security, and even the nations higher institutions are grossly under-funded. Daily news report in the country is about millions of dollars stolen by public office holders, and stashed away in private foreign bank accounts. This practice has created lack of opportunities, as Nigerian youths take to prostitution, fraud, crime, and traveling out of the county (despite the risks) for survival.  This has led many to believe that official corruption in Nigeria is more dangerous than armed robbery, and coup d'etat. Yet both of these offences attract death sentences.

Therefore, do you believe that as a deterant, the punishment for official corruption in Nigeria should be 'death sentence'?


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The idea is good but not feasible. There has to be an entrenched openness, accountability, equity, justice and the rule of law before such drastic measures are taken to fight corruption.

Take a cue from what is happening with EFCC and consider the alleged selective victimization and the superficial war on corruption. Bottomline is, the society and the system of governance must reflect justice and equity at all levels before  capital punishment is introduced to fight corruption in Nigeria.


Anthony Eze (USA)


Not only should they be killed, but every thing they got should be taken from them, if possible jail members of their family, for being a partner in crime, for example, look at what China is doing every government official caught stealing is sentenced to death, and I think it's helping them, so same should be introduced to the system. But with the government force being corrupt, who is going to arrest who? Nigerian government officials are not corrupt, but corruption is official.

Kloud (UK)

After reading that report on BBC I almost fell short of denouncing Nigeria, as my country. But I also realized that no one person owns that country. Part of the problem also is that we the masses condone a lot of crime and cheer evil unlike in developed countries, even watch out for any sign of crime and call police immediately. No criminal walks tall and boldly in UK or US. But in Nigeria we reward them with chieftaincy titles, church titles, we hand them our most beautiful daughters to sleep with. That becomes an incentive for everyone to steal.

Blood for blood! They forced many people into crime, prostitution, and frustration. They should be hanged. I also call on all Nigerian youths living abroad to hound these criminals anytime they run over there, boo at them at public functions, picket in front of their houses, make life uncomfortable for them, sue them to court.

KayCee (UK)

Stone them, boo at them, treat them live criminals they are...Ole!, Onyeoshi!!, barawo!!!!, thieves!!!!!  Woe onto any Nigerian girl who goes around dating these criminals, she will share in their curses. If you do, go to Italy, and Holland, and see what they did to your sisters. They are on the streets selling their bodies cos there's no work at home.

Bimbo (SA)


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