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Support For Imoonline Anti Child Abuse Program Swells

    Since we captured the child abuse problem in Nigeria in pictures, support from Nigerians and non-Nigerians for the program has swelled. The height of irresponsibility is refusing to do something in the face of evil. Injustice elsewhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Read more about how you can be part of this life-saving program below.    






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Nigerian Woman Gives Housegirl Scar With Hot Knife For Watching TV

11-year old Nkiru Egboanu who left her village in Anambra State to stay with her uncle and his wife was literally turned into an animal by her uncle’s wife, Uju Basil. Her guardian allegedly placed a knife in a burning stove and defaced her body with the red hot knife. Read More

Dangers Of Street-trading: 14-year-old Girl Raped By A 40-year Old Man
By Juliana Francis

The victim, identified as Anifat, explained that she was hawking groundnuts at the Folagoro area of Lagos when the suspect, Lukmon, called her and said he wanted to buy four cups of groundnuts. He then raped her. Read More

Nursing Mother Sold 15 Year Old Maid Into Prostitution

Helen Oni, 33, was arrested for luring a 15-year-old girl identified as Ronda, and selling her into prostitution to a woman identified as Rita, for N20,000 ($160 Read More

Under-aged Girl Forced Into Prostitution At Age 12

Before Agnes got to the age of 12, she had already lost her virginity to a man she identified as Okonkon. Her troubles started when her parents died few years back while she was still in primary two and left her in the care of an Aunt. Read More

Man Rapes 4-year Old Girl - “I didn’t penetrate, but only ejaculated on her pubic area"

The police in Lagos have arrested an alleged pedophile, Chinedum Udeaba for his failure to control his libido and eventual defilement of a four-year old girl, (names with held) daughter of his co-tenant of 6, Niyi close, Ojo, Lagos. Read More


Munachi Abii, Representing Imo State is Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, (MBGN)  2007





Agbani Darego Former Miss World



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Imoonline Anti Child Abuse Program

Watch the abuse photo gallery


Each year, tens of thousands of children in Nigeria are traumatized by physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by adults who are supposed to take care of them.  Due to lack of parenting classes, economic hardship, and cultural believes, cases of child abuse enjoy some level of tolerance from a cross-section of the Nigerian society. In most cases, child abuse cases either go unreported or the culprits walk away un-apprehended. However, the scars of child abuse can be deep and long-lasting, affecting not just abused children but the society in general.

Goals of The Program: 

  • Increasing public understanding of the problem and its solutions.
  • Providing resource for families, individuals and organizations.
  • Advocating for effective laws and improved programs and policies to prevent child abuse.
  • Fostering a nationwide network committed to child abuse prevention.

There’s no doubt that Africans have very strong family institutions, beautiful traditions, and take good care of their children if provided the help and support needed. A well-raised child is an asset to the family and the society. On the other hand, an abused child will become a problem to the family and the society in general.   

 Our campaign against child abuse is focused on the following areas: 

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Child Neglect

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Challenges of Fighting Child Abuse and Neglect in Nigeria:

 Unlike in developed countries such as the United States, Nigeria has weak enforcement of child abuse laws. One good example is the unclear ‘age of consent' in Nigeria to determine who actually is a minor. Other factors undermining the fight against child abuse in Nigeria are: 

  • Weak laws and enforcement of existing child abuse laws
  • Cultural and traditional practices, such as the ‘cast system’ and female circumcision.
  • The taboo surrounding sex in most Nigerian communities shields rape, as victims seldom report the crime.
  • Economic hardships force parents to make hard choices over their children.
  • Lack of enlightenment and education on the extent of the problem.
  • Lack of parenting classes for young parents.
  • Some religious leaders exploit children under religion, since religious matters are very sensitive in Nigeria. They often go un-apprehended.
  • Superstition such as the belief in rituals of having sex with virgins.

How The Program Works:

Our Anti Child Abuse Program is part of the Imoonline program. It is solely run and manage by youths, most of whom are college students. The program relies on the support of the public and sympathizers for funding.  Our major tools are publications, workshops and seminars to educate young women and new mothers. We hold occasional parenting classes for new and would-be parents. When established cases of child abuse come to our notice we also notify appropriate government agencies.

Suggestions on Preventing Child Abuse in  Nigeria:

  • Seek counseling if you were abused as a child to minimize the affects on your adult life. 

  • Attend parenting classes before starting a family.

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  • Assist young parents facing challenges with parenting.
  • Intervene when your spouse is abusing your children or househelp.
  • Be a watch-dog for every child, especially if you are a teacher, Sunday school teacher, or daycare worker. Alert authorities if you notice obvious signs of child abuse on a child.
  • Do not give out your children as house-helps. House-helps are the worst abused set of people in Nigeria.
  • Keep an eye on neighbors who abuse house-helps, and their own kids and report them to government agencies.
  • Treat every child as your own. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.
  • Resist when a church pastor or community leader tries to abuse your children in the name of religion or as cultural custodians. Be careful with such fetish practices as ‘beating out a demon’ in a child.
  • Monitor such activities that leave a child of opposite sex unattended with an adult even if the adult is a family friend or acquaintance.
  • Listen to children and house-helps when they complain about abuse or neglect.
  • Observe and inspect your children occasionally for obvious signs of sexual abuse, or change in behaviors.
  • Extend family love and emotional care to house-helps the same way you would to your on children.
  • Expose child abuse and don’t condone it. If the government doesn’t reward you, God will.

Support us today by making a generous donation below, or joining our league of sponsors. You can also join the campaign or enquire about our next workshop.



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Please support the courageous young men and women of this program to declare an all-out war on abuse of the girl-child in Nigeria, Make donations towards 'War Against Child Abuse Program'

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Child Abuse: Six Year Old House Girl Tortured And Roasted For Disobeying 'Oga and  Madam'

Chinaza was brutally tortured and locked up in the room by her aunt, Ifeoma and her husband, Emmanuel for disobeying them by taking their child she was babysitting outside their apartment in Igboelerin, Okokomaiko, a suburb of Lagos. Read More

14-year-old Amarachi Battered By a Nigerian Actress, Mrs. Ndidi Amechi Ndili

Amarachi was rescued by a kind-hearted Nigerian, Mrs. Fashola Kings when she was taking Ndidi’s children to school with a swollen eye. Read More


Her 'Auntie' Sold Her Virginity For  N500 ($3.00)

“ She told me that if I want to survive that I would sleep with any man that she brings my way. I had no other choice than to follow her orders as she promised that if I could raise my transport fare she would send me back to my parents." Read More


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